this is Kelsey. She is beautiful and smart and a girlboss over at Eight31Photography and just an overall awesome person to spend any minute of your time with. She exudes positivity and beauty and is the biggest breath of fresh air! We have been planning some things together, which are still in the works and will be announced eventually when you know, they're not in the works. LOL We took a little trip to bloomington a month ago and took some photos FOR FUN! It's been a while since i've used my camera for anything outside of business so this was really nice for my soul. Here are some of the portraits I made of her, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them :) 

Creative Assisting: 2016


another thing I am most proud of from 2016 (aside from the whole stay at home mom/owning a business thing) was being able to assist other girlbosses in their own creative/business endeavors! Teaming up with women and other creatives brings me so much joy! Its like we get to take the good parts of each other and make MAGIC! It has especially been a blessing because we have been able to use our home as the backdrop :) plus plus.

Kylee of Rendezfood Holistic Health Coaching contacting me this summer to help her take some photos that she would be able to use on her website that her and her husband were making! With the start of the new year and resolutions running wild, I thought this would be a great time to share these photos! You should ABSOLUTELY head to her website and give her some love! 


Bittersweet Coffee Roasters is a new coffee roasting business out of Muncie! Sisters, Stormie roasts and serves the coffee and McKenzie bakes the most delicious baked goods ever (seriously, she left me some scones and we devoured them in one sitting)!! It was so fun getting to know them, laugh with them, and create with them!