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Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Huff, mama and owner of Huff Photography. I have been taking photos for over 6 years now and through a series of events (fortunate and unfortunate) I have decided that the Lord has placed this passion in my heart for a reason and I need to try my best to pursue what He has called me to. I have my masters in social work, and after working in the field for a year I felt like I wasn’t ready to give up photography. Making photographs gives me life, being a part of a wedding day brings me so much joy, and making people feel confident and comfortable is my passion!! If you have been around for some time, thank you for sticking around. Thank you for following me through the years of editing faux paus, blog name changes, breaks and regroups. It’s been a journey, but I truly feel like now, more than ever I am where I am supposed to be.

A little about the lady behind this lense. Firstly, I am a wife to my dear husband Joe and mother to our beautiful daughter Luna. We live in Indianapolis Indiana but love to travel and see what’s around us! We got married in May of 2014 and had Luna in October of 2015. If I’m not at home, which i am NOT a homebody at all, you will find me roaming the aisles of target or costco, sipping a diet coke and looking at the clearance rack.


Ali Beaver. She is my younger sister and a very creative woman. She has been working with me for almost a year. I used to work with outside assistance, but something about our dynamic really works for my passion and i think i’m going to keep her ;) She trusts my vision and has the skills to execute them. She keeps me calm when family photos go haywire, and she is overall a people person- which is a desired skill to have in this industry. Anything that goes into this blog and any assitant photos, give her the credit!

Joseph Huff. He is the man behind the film. If you choose to get a video montage of the day you better believe he is your guy! Well, he’s actually my guy so don’t take him...but you get it. He used to assist me quite often (hence the name Huff Photography) but long story short, before Luna was born he lost his flexible job as an organic farmer and decided it was best for our family if he enter the corporate 9-5 life. I trust him with everything, and I trust him to take your wedding video (and that means a lot!).