an update on us, the huffs.


I like keeping it real with people, I kind of feel like its my thing. I would never want someone to look at my life and think that girl has it ALL together, because Lord knows I don't. But, in life, I thrive to be a really authentic and genuine person with the people I let in. I think it's why my business has worked for the time that it has. I may not be the most organized, the most passionate, the most creative business owner out there, but I do feel like I pride myself deeply on connecting with the people I work with and allowing them in and giving them the place to feel themselves with me. 

So in honor of keeping it real, here is a little life update for you all. It may explain my lack of presence here lately, or maybe not, but it is what it is.

First, we're pregnant!! We are expecting another sweet baby to join our family sometime in the middle of december. After experiencing a miscarriage a year ago, it truly is such an honor to carry this baby and know that God has it in the palm of His hands. We are thankful, grateful, humbled, and excited! 


Secondly, in April we sold our first home we ever bought. It was seriously a whirlwind. We quickly realized the value of the houses in our neighborhood were on the rise and with a lot of prayer and confusion, we made the decision to place our house on the market. At the time it felt so right. People loved our house and we got an offer within a week of placing it on the market. There was a bit of a roller coaster getting to the closing of the house, but it happened and we were well, homeless. Not really, we've been living with my gracious and understanding parents for the past 3 months. Its been really good and really hard. Really good in the aspect that we have been able to save a lot of money, pay off some debt, get extra help with Luna, and just lay low for a bit. It's been really hard in the sense that we are reaching a point where we feel like we're losing hope. It feels like we will never find a home. I know it's only been three months but we have looked at so many houses and the market is just crazy and we feel so lost and like we have no sense of clarity in this whole process. We don't know where God is leading us, we don't know where we are supposed to live, we don't even know if we're supposed to be buying a home or not. It's been a really taxing season on our brains as we just don't really know where to go from here. Most days I mourn ever moving in the first place. Like maybe we didn't know how truly good we had it, and that is the lie Satan feeds me. We are currently patiently waiting on the Lord to lead this process. I would really love to find a home by September, before the craziness of fall wedding season begins and I can settle before we have another baby! You're prayers are coveted for us. I know it's really really not a big deal at all, and one day I'll look back on this time and think it was so silly for my heart to be so torn. But sometimes, that's just how life is, ya know? Sometimes you just have to trudge through the shit to get to where you're supposed to truly be. (Here are some photos the amazing Lexi of Doodle Shots took for us the day we found out we were moving, photos i'll treasure for a lifetime.) 

Lastly, I truly am a blessed woman and I do feel like I am undeserving of this life I have been given. It is a good one indeed. To be in love with a man so gracious and kind, tender and pure. To have a family that would take us in when we needed help. To be able to do a job I absolutely adore and get to stay home with my baby. To have a heavenly Father who is always way bigger than my tiny eyes can see. These are the truths I am clinging to. I am thankful for you all, that you would take the time to read these parts of my life and care. I am hopeful when it feels a little hopeless and I am grateful grateful so so grateful. 

Here's to finishing out 2017 strong!!! 

Austin + Jenny (Traverse City, Michigan)


You know when you're watching something unfold before you eyes and you just know you're watching something super powerful and amazing? That was the exact feeling I felt watching these two become one. Their love is patient and kind and thoughtful and evident. It was a pure honor to get to travel to norther michigan to document this super special day between these two lovebirds! Thank you for having us!

Mark + Katie (Savannah, GA Destination Wedding)


Joe and I got the honor of traveling to one of our favorite cities, Savannah GA, to photograph the PERFECT destination wedding between Mark and Katie! They are both incredibly fun-loving, kind, hospitable, and relaxed- seriously the best kind of wedding day if you ask me! They were surrounded by their close friends and family in a city where they fell in love and got engaged! It was truly a special day :) 

The Reeves


this is a blog post about our dear friends Zach and Stephanie. they have been so special to joe and i. you know, when you're married it becomes really hard and confusing to balance it all. add a baby to the mix and it gets even more complicated. having a healthy relationship, being good parents, being a present friend, paying the bills, etc. making friends that encourage you and have similar visions to you isn't always the easiest thing to come by. yet, God placed these two in our life and it has felt rather effortless. we think so highly of them, as a couple, as individuals, and now as parents. they have a passion for life and know how to experience it to the fullest which is something we admire so deeply! last year we all felt like we really wanted to start a small group or bible study together, to find other like-minded couples and bring them together once a week and just grow deeper spiritually and emotionally. at the start of the year we started a small group that we call Jesus Over Dinner (coined the name from my sister-shoutout to cristi and thomas the OG's). it's such a simple gesture and experience, but it really has been such a sweet blessing in our life. to meet weekly with 4 or 5 other couples, feast together, pray together, read together, talk together. I am just so thankful for our friendship with zach and stephanie and am so excited to see where the Lord takes them, cause it's gonna be good! Here are some photos from an at home session we did a year and a half ago, and then from after they had Maverick we took some photos at their home last summer. 

At Home Sessions


At home sessions are so so special to me. I love the idea that photographs capture life in that exact moment. Most of our lives are spent in our homes. Resting, breathing, cleaning, loving, living. What better way to document life in its truest form, in your home. in a home. in the coziness of a bed or a couch or your bare feet. 

I'm running a special on AT HOME sessions for the next two months. 30 min session for $150. Use contact form to book a date!