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customizable wedding packages starting at $2600
full day coverage up to $3600
portrait sessions starting at $300

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What do you use?

  • Canon 5d Mark iii

  • Canon 6d

  • Sigma ART 24mm

  • Sigma ART 35mm

  • Sigma Art 50mm

  • Canon 6d, 50mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, 80mm 1.2 (used for video)

How many images will I receive?

  • Don’t you worry about a thing, you will get PLENTY! I try really really really hard to document every single detail of your wedding day. If you have a lot of details, you’ll get a lot of photos!

How will I receive my images?

  • I virtually share the photos for you and your family to download via an online sharing company called PASS. The event stays loaded for 10 years. I will advise you to download them to your hard drive so you never lose them!

Do I have rights to post and copy these photos?

  • Yep! Once I send the photos off, they are all yours! I would ask that you not crop them crazy and add stupid filters over them. But if you’re a photoshop pro and want to fix your pimple, go for it!

Do you travel?

  • YES YES YES!!! We would love to travel more with our weddings and would go anywhere for you :) If you have a destination wedding but a simple budget, let me know and we may be able to figure something out!

How many weddings do you book a year?

  • I usually shoot around 25 weddings a year.

What if something happens to you on our wedding day?

  • This question always makes my stomach drop. The good Lord willing nothing would ever happen or we would have months to prepare, but life is life and it’s unpredictable and I’m not a superhuman. In the case that something terrible came up, I have a group of local photographers that i would reach out to to cover your wedding day. If this wasn’t something you were comfortable with we would give a full refund for you to make other plans. Eternally grateful for your understanding with this one. In my 4 years of shooting weddings, i’ve never had to cancel a wedding.

How do I book a wedding with you?

  • See the "CONTACT" section at the top of the website. Fill out this form and I’ll send you the booking/pricing guide. If it all sounds good, and the date works out you simply fill out the contract, send in the deposit and badaboom badabing it’s show time!

How long does it take to get the photos?

  • It takes a lot of time to post-process a wedding day. It typically takes me anywhere from 5-8 weeks to complete a single wedding day depending on the season and type of wedding.

What if you get pregnant?

  • Ok ok, this question might be more like my question. My husband and I are definitely wanting to grow our family in the future, but trying to work it around wedding season. If, with God’s grace, we do get pregnant. I would let you know ASAP and supply a full refund. If it’s any consolation, I was engaged for 6 months and was able to have my dream wedding. So, 9 months should give you plenty of time to re-accommodate! I also have an amazing group of photographers I would refer to anyone!