a sweet little journey.


So, here it is. I've been debating on whether or not this space should be sacred photography grounds or a place that is open to all topics. As the owner and operator of this business I guess I can honestly do whatever I want. right?  Yet, that's not really how I work. How I work is truly from a place of genuine passion, drive, love and connection with the images I get to make with people who trust me with this job! Therefore, I want this place to be a reflection of that. I post lots of things photography here, but when people hire me, i want them to feel like the kind of know me! That's why I share more, and I think i'm going to keep it that way! I'm going to officially open this space up to more than just wedding photos and engagement sessions, i want to show you glimpses into what my life is like. I would not be the photographer or business owner that I am today if it wasn't for my family and friends and experiences! So, all this to say! What all do you want to know?!? What sorts of images would you want to see more of? Any moms and business owners out there want to know what my life looks like? I'm so excited to open this up! 

a sweet end to a special journey with my luna.

I decided to nurse Luna. It's not a choice every mom makes and I am very much a proponent of doing whatever you gotta do to stay sain as a mama and to have a happy and healthy baby! For us, nursing worked. She latched right away after she was born, drank it up and there really weren't very many hiccups. It just worked for us. It doesn't work for everyone and that is OK! Repeat, that is OK! (I really don't like when women feel like they have to mother a specific way, because it's seriously the MOST unique experience ever). Anywho, Luna is now almost 15 months old. She eats everything in sight and nurses too. I got into this tricky, yet really sweet, habit of nursing her before I laid her down for both her naps and at bedtime. So, now I feel a little stuck in that pattern. I also got into the tricky, yet really sweet, habit of nursing her in the middle of the night when she wakes up. Homegirl loves to NOT sleep through the night, and nurse whenever she pleases...so i've been putting off weening because it's going to be quite the adjustment all around. Mama needs a full night of sleep and i can just feel that we are both ready to stop nursing. Taking these breaks in my day to take care of my baby in this way the past 15 months has been so special to me. I'm not naturally a restful person, and what a blessing it has been to be forced to just sit and breathe and stare at my baby girl. So yesterday my sister came over so I could take some photos of her three girls at my house and I asked her take a couple photos of Luna and I nursing. I think I want to do this with all my babies and i'm so excited to start that tradition.