The Reeves


this is a blog post about our dear friends Zach and Stephanie. they have been so special to joe and i. you know, when you're married it becomes really hard and confusing to balance it all. add a baby to the mix and it gets even more complicated. having a healthy relationship, being good parents, being a present friend, paying the bills, etc. making friends that encourage you and have similar visions to you isn't always the easiest thing to come by. yet, God placed these two in our life and it has felt rather effortless. we think so highly of them, as a couple, as individuals, and now as parents. they have a passion for life and know how to experience it to the fullest which is something we admire so deeply! last year we all felt like we really wanted to start a small group or bible study together, to find other like-minded couples and bring them together once a week and just grow deeper spiritually and emotionally. at the start of the year we started a small group that we call Jesus Over Dinner (coined the name from my sister-shoutout to cristi and thomas the OG's). it's such a simple gesture and experience, but it really has been such a sweet blessing in our life. to meet weekly with 4 or 5 other couples, feast together, pray together, read together, talk together. I am just so thankful for our friendship with zach and stephanie and am so excited to see where the Lord takes them, cause it's gonna be good! Here are some photos from an at home session we did a year and a half ago, and then from after they had Maverick we took some photos at their home last summer.