We are The Huffs... welcome to our passion! We're a simple bunch. Not very rich, not super poor. Not too hip and trendy, not too lame and frumpy. We sometimes eat healthy, and we sometimes eat taco bell. We choose date night to the grocery store, but love a good margarita night out. We watch entirely too much food network because it's the only thing we can agree on watching together. There are a few things we don't do so simply. We love deeply. Like the pit of our stomach deep kind of love where we slam doors when fighting and shed tears when others are aching. We are humbled daily by our relationship with the Lord and the plans He has for our lives. We are so blessed to have one another and so blessed to have our sweet daughter Luna and our sweet baby boy Shepherd. 

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i feel very strongly about being honest and vulnerable as a business owner, because aren't we all in this together anyway?

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